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Now casting season one, episode Two: “The Devil’s Chair.” AUDITION DEADLINE: September 19 Three college pals reunite over drinks and decide to swing by the cemetery to test out a local superstition that says a demon will visit any soul brave enough to sit on the Devil’s Chair at midnight on Halloween. Looking for natural…

Now Casting

Now casting season one, episode one: “Clarissa, Who Covets.” AUDITION DEADLINE: SEPT. 17 After their mother moves them into a new house, Amy and Lydia Charles learn that the property comes with some unexpected features, including a terrifying local legend. When things begin to go missing, the girls start to wonder if there may be…

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We love storytelling and tapping into our darkest fears to bring you tales of horror, suspense and the supernatural, with a sense of humor. Inspired by the horror radio shows of yesteryear, this series puts a modern spin on the time-honored tradition of theatre of the mind.

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