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Now casting season one, episode one: “Clarissa, Who Covets.”


After their mother moves them into a new house, Amy and Lydia Charles learn that the property comes with some unexpected features, including a terrifying local legend. When things begin to go missing, the girls start to wonder if there may be some truth to the chilling tales told by neighborhood children.

Female-centric story with six roles: Looking for natural delivery versus over-the-top performances. Must have a decent recording setup at home. Standard American vocal delivery (no particular accents).

These are ***UNPAID*** roles, as this is a labor of love and does not have a revenue stream in place. Season one seeks to build an audience and serve as a proof of concept so that subsequent seasons might benefit from crowd funding.

There are many roles to be cast in this season, and your auditions will be kept on file. Though you may not be right for a part in this episode, you may be contacted about performing in a future installment.

Amy Charles – 17 years old (open to actors who can play 17)
Still reeling from her parents’ split, Amy is protective of her little sister, and is nervous about starting fresh at a new school. She meets a local boy who fills her in on a rural legend involving their new home. Amy is skeptical and eager to prove to Lydia that there is no truth to the stories told by kids in the neighborhood. As the lead protagonist, this role requires an actor who can carry the story with vulnerability and resolve.

Audition Lines:
1. He ran off with one of his students. Mid-life crisis thing, I guess. I keep hoping that one day he’ll come to his senses and we can be a family again… if Mom would ever take him back. Her way of coping was to get away and make a fresh start, so here we are.

2. [Giggles]. That’s your last name? Butts?

Oh, I thought you were joking. [Giggles some more] I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at your name. You’re just lucky you’re good looking. [Catches herself] I mean… you know what I mean.  People are less likely to make fun when you’re …

Lydia Charles – 8 years old (open to actors who can play 8)
Though she’s a tough little cookie, Lydia is more inclined to believe that there is something sinister lurking about their new home. Though this is a lead role, lines are short and not overwhelming for a young actor. Must have a good, convincing scream. Though it aims to scare, this is very much a PG-13 story that celebrates the innocence of youth, so parents need not worry about offensive language and other inappropriate content in the script.

Audition Lines:
1. [Terrified]
It’s her. Look at it. It’s her! The muddy skin, the long black hair, the white eyes!

2. [Scared to death and crying, but fighting mad]
You can’t have him! You hear me, Clarissa? You can’t have him! [SCREAM!]

Meredith Charles40s.
Taking a new teaching job and moving her daughters to a small college town is Meredith’s way of coping with her separation from her husband and the father of her children. In her haste to get a fresh start, she buys a rural house site unseen, and has some misgivings about the condition of the house and surrounding property. This role bookends the story, allowing the children to drive the main action.

Audition Lines:
1. [Panicked]
I’m Meredith Charles. They called and said my daughters were here

2. Blood rituals? What are you talking about? What exactly do you think Amy did?

Jared Butts – 17 years old (open to actors who can play 17)
A local boy who does yardwork around the property, Jared provides exposition by revealing the local legend to Amy and Lydia. Jared and Amy find it difficult to conceal their mutual attraction, and love begins to blossom as danger lurks in the darkness.

Audition lines:
[Flirtatious but sincere. Responding to a threat from Amy should he try anything with her]
1. Thanks for the warning. Now I’m going to lay here and admire the night sky. You can join me if you want.

2. There. Isn’t this nice? When I was a kid my dad used to spread a blanket on the lawn, just like this, and we’d stare up at the stars and just talk. I miss that. We don’t talk a lot any more.

Realtor – Female, middle aged
Minor role that helps to set the stage by introducing the Charles women, and the listener, to the setting of the story.

Audition lines:
That’s perfect. No doubt you’ll be inspired by all the history in these walls, not to mention the attic. Like a lot of old houses, the attic is full of things people have left behind over the years. It’s all yours now. Might be some good antique finds up there. Otherwise garbage is collected on Wednesdays.

Sheriff Cobb – Any gender, 50s-60s
A gruff, rural law officer who shares one scene with Meredith. A smaller role, but can be really fun and memorable in the right hands.

Audition lines:
Sometimes kids get carried away with these urban legends. It starts off innocently enough, just fun and games, a little excitement to break up the monotony of small-town life. Then things escalate and next thing you know they’re engaging in blood rituals. It happens. Not around here before, but you hear about it on the news.

Please use the recording setup you would use to record your lines should you get the role. You must use a good microphone in a quiet space devoid of echo.

Please do not attempt to clean or process your recordings. Name your files according to this example: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.mp3. You may audition for more than one role, but only submit one file per character. That file may contain multiple takes of each line. Send to by JULY 23.

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