Now Casting

Now casting season one, episode Two: “The Devil’s Chair.”


Three college pals reunite over drinks and decide to swing by the cemetery to test out a local superstition that says a demon will visit any soul brave enough to sit on the Devil’s Chair at midnight on Halloween.

Looking for natural delivery versus over-the-top performances. Must have a decent recording setup at home.

These are ***UNPAID*** roles, as this is a labor of love and does not have a revenue stream in place. Season one seeks to build an audience and serve as a proof of concept so that subsequent seasons might benefit from crowd funding.

There are many roles to be cast in this season, and your auditions will be kept on file. Though you may not be right for a part in this episode, you may be contacted about performing in a future installment.

MARK – 30s – 40s
He’s genuinely happy to see his good friends after many years, but he can’t help but feel inferior around them. While they went off and forged successful careers, he stayed in their small college town, where he runs an after-school program. He has secretly held a candle for Anne, and old feelings are rekindled after he flirts with the supernatural.

Audition Lines:
Tommy Copeland was a high-school kid I knew from coaching soccer. God, must have been seven years ago today. He and his friends were out drinking beers in the graveyard. On a dare, Tommy sat in the Devil’s Chair at the stroke of midnight. He went home and stabbed both of his parents to death with a kitchen knife.

I saw what was in your heart. You wanted me, not him! I finally work up the nerve to do something about it, and what do you do? You try to rush to his rescue.

ANNE- 30s -40s
A best-selling self-help author, Anne is smart, accomplished and beautiful. After college, she married Evan, and the two of them appear to be an unstoppable power couple. However, this night will reveal that their relationship is not as perfect as it seems.

Audition Lines:
Oh, God. I remember that. It was a weird looking stone chair that seemed really out of place among the tombstones. What was it they used to say about it? If you sit in the Devil’s chair at midnight on Halloween, you’ll be visited by a demon. Something like that, right?

He’s showing you the truth, Mark. He knows what’s in my heart. He knows that I want to be with you, and not my cheating, abusive husband. We just need to get him out of the way.

EVAN30s 40s.
Cocky, handsome and successful, Evan is an alpha male who formed an unlikely friendship with Mark in college. He ended up marrying Anne, the object of Mark’s affection, and became a wealthy lawyer. He’s gregarious and adventurous. He’s also a bit of a troublemaker, a trait that will prove to be his undoing.

Audition Lines:
Come on. We always talked about doing it in college, but never did. How often do we get back here? We may not have another opportunity to scratch this off our bucket list.

Just as gutless as always. You know why I hung around you in college? Because you’re such a beta. I never had to compete with you for anything because you never had any fight in you. A total a pushover.

DEMON – Timeless
An otherworldly presence with a wicked sense of humor. Originally conceived of as a male figure, but certainly open to a female or non-binary take on the character. If you can do a demon voice, please provide at least one take of that. Otherwise, the desired effect will be achieved through post-processing.

Audition lines:

Does my appearance not please you? I can take on any form you like. Perhaps something more familiar?

Maybe you should use your inside voice. I’ll be able to hear loud and clear. After all, I’m inside your head.

Please use the recording setup you would use to record your lines should you get the role. You must use a good microphone in a quiet space devoid of echo.

Please do not attempt to clean or process your recordings. Name your files according to this example: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.mp3. You may audition for more than one role, but only submit one file per character. That file may contain multiple takes of each line.
Send to by September 19.

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